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Hiking the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, British Columbia

This is one of those posts where the photos really do the talking. The Rim Trail is a circular hike in Cathedral Provincial Park in British Columbia’s interior. For the most part, it transverses along a mountain ridge.

The Rim Trail, in my opinion, one of the best day hikes in BC. This was honestly one of the first hikes where I didn’t ever think about how far we were from the end at any point.

The Rim Trail, British Columbia

Being already at 2000m at our base camp by Lake of the Woods, the 650m elevation gain offers simply awesome vistas across the Cascades and Coast mountains as well as some more local interesting rock formations.

Oh, and I almost forgot the lakes – the stunningly vivid Ladyslipper and Glacier lakes which bookended our hike. Did I mention the amazingly perfect hiking weather (especially compared the snow the day before)? Well, enough superlatives, you want to see the photos right?

ladyslipper trail view lake cathedral bc

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Backcountry necessities

Mountain views on the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, BC

The trail to Ladyslipper Lake

We reached Ladyslipper Lake after 40 minutes of steep switchbacks from our campsite at the Lake of the Woods. The view of the mountains in the background was a great taste of the magnificence to come! Apparently, there is very good fishing available here.

As we said goodbye to beautiful Ladyslipper, a steady climb began. It wasn’t long before we could spot the ridge on our left The one obstacle between us and the ridge was a giant pile of slate and rocks, with a steep drop on either side.

giant cleft rim trail cathedral

I’m not too good with heights but I was relieved we were heading up rather than walking down the slate slope. The views at the top were probably the best reward around.

Ladyslipper trail view of Lake of the Woods on the Rim Trail, BC
Ladyslipper Lake, the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park
lady slipper trail to rim trail cathedral bc
top of ladyslipper trail cathedral
Lunch spot on the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, BC

The views from Smokey the Bear

The Stone City was waiting for us at the junction of the Ladyslipper Trail and the Rim Trail proper. It was like a giant’s playground with rocks of every size thrown about everywhere. After our well-deserved lunch in front of the gorgeous view, we explored the summits of Smokey the Bear and the Giant Cleft. Of course, JR got much closer to the edge than I did!

Looking to the south, we could see smoke in some of the mountain valleys. The morning after this hike we woke up to the smell of fire. Taking the bus back down the mountain, we slowly descended into a dark haze of smoke.

This smoke was from the huge fires burning in Washington State and didn’t lift for over a week. We thought we were lucky at the time to do this hike on the perfect day we had but we truly had no idea!

Mountain views from the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, BC
Smokey the Bear view, the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, BC
Top of Smokey the Bear, the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, BC
Giant cleft, the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, BC
Stone City the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, BC
Stone City area, the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, BC

Hiking the ‘wrong’ way round on the Rim Trail?

Out of the Stone City and back on the trail, we enjoyed the peace and quiet on the mountain ridge.

It seemed that most people that day hiked the other way around to us – from Glacier Lake to the Rim and then down to Ladyslipper Lake.

Hiking the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, BC

Indeed, we did not see any hikers after leaving the Stone City despite being able to see for what seemed like miles in every direction.

We sadly also did not see any mountain goats, which was something we had both really hoped to see. Oh well, you can’t have everything!

Hiking the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, BC

Post Rim Trail rewards

At Glacier Lake, we turned off the Rim Trail and descended back down towards base camp. And it is a pretty steep way down, as evidenced by the photo above!

Not much of the Glacier remains nowadays, but we did see a smattering of snow and ice on the slopes. It was sad to say goodbye to the mountaintop views, but fishing and wine at Lake of the Woods was waiting for us!

Glacier Lake view, the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, BC

Making the last stop at Glacier Lake to admire Pyramid Mountain and the Rim Trail from below, we tried to work out how far we’d hiked.

I’m still not sure how long exactly the route was as there are so many possible extensions to the circular trail we did…but I reckon around 12/13km. Either way, I honestly didn’t notice how far it was. It was truly a perfect hike.

Pyramid Mountain, the Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park, BC

Hiking the Rim Trail: All the details you need

The Rim Trail is located in the core recreation area of Cathedral Provincial Park near Keremeos, British Columbia, Canada. It is about an hour’s drive from the town of Penticton to the edge of Cathedral.

If you look on BC Park’s list of hiking trails in Cathedral, you’ll probably soon notice that the Rim Trail is not listed. It is, however, shown on the Cathedral Core Area map.

To get to the core area, you must either hike in (16km minimum) or take the Cathedral Lodge shuttle from the parking lot on Ewart Creek Rd. We took the shuttle as we were short on time. 

top of the rim trail cathedral bc

Rim Trail directions

If starting from Lake of the Woods (like we did), follow the Ladyslipper Trail to Stone City. Then hike along the ridge towards the Devil’s Woodpile, past the summit of Pyramid Lake and then descend above Glacier Lake. Some people choose to continue along the ridge and then descend at Quiniscoe Lake.

Camping on the Rim Trail

It is not possible to camp on the Rim Trail itself but there are two campgrounds nearby in the Cathedral Provincial Park core area – Quiniscoe Lake and Lake of the Woods.

Camping fees are $10 per person, per night. The camping season in the core area is usually mid-June to early October.

Pyramid Lake has been closed to camping for quite a few years due to tree hazards.

Cathedral mountain range rim trail bc

Essential gear for a Rim Trail hike

  • Cathedral Provincial Park’s core area is 2000m above sea level. For this reason, you MUST bring a mix of clothing, layers and accessories (hats, gloves etc) no matter what the forecast says or the time of year it is. It was easily 25 degrees the day we hiked the Rim Trail but the morning before, we had snow and ice on our tent
  • Be sure to bring a power bank for your phone – there is so much to photograph! There are no facilities to charge items in Cathedral Provincial Park unless you stay at Cathedral Lakes Lodge
  • The ascents and descents on the Rim Trail are quite steep, especially if you choose to descend where we did at Glacier Lake. I would highly recommend bringing hiking poles to help with knee strain. My favourite poles (and the ones I used on the Rim Trail) are the Black Diamond Distance Z. They are super light and also are easy to fold down when not in use
If planning a trip like this, please take the 10 essentials of backcountry travel and follow Leave No Trace principles
The Rim Trail is one of British Columbia's best one-day hikes. Stunning vistas, interesting rock formations, azure lakes, moderate difficulty hiking and the potential to see mountain goats....what more could you want? Click here to find out more about this amazing hike in Canada!
The Rim Trail is a circular hike in Cathedral Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. For the most part, it transverses along a mountain ridge. It is, in my opinion, one of the best day hikes in British Columbia! Click here to find out more.
The Rim Trail features stunning vistas, interesting rock formations, azure lakes, moderate difficulty hiking and the potential to see mountain goats.....needless to say, it's a pretty epic one day hike! Click here if you want to know more about this awesome hike in Canada!


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Monday 1st of April 2019

Hi I live in Summerland about 1.5 hrs from the park. Do you think this could be done as a day trip (with shuttle in) or is it best done camping for a few nights? Hoping to go in early July. We are having a very warm spring so hope that is doable with regards to snow.


Monday 1st of April 2019

Hi Karen,

For most hikers, it would be possible to do in a day trip as the shuttle runs at 8am and returns to the base at 5pm. So as long as you're a reasonable hiker (not extraordinarily slow), you could do it. For the full enjoyment of the hike (and also to get good value from the bus ride up) I would camp for a couple of nights. Cathedral Provincial Park really is a beautiful area.


Sunday 10th of February 2019

Hi I’ve been wanting to do this trail for years. What time of year did go. We are hoping end of June this year. Also did you hike in or is it best to take the shuttle?


Sunday 10th of February 2019

The Rim Trail really is awesome - I'm pretty sure it will live up to your expectations! We hiked this trail in August. Depending on the winter snow depths and spring weather, late June may be a touch too early.

I think you'd find this post helpful, it describes the rest of our experience in Cathedral Provincial Park (we took the shuttle)

Erica Pigeon

Friday 8th of February 2019

Fabulous blog. Loved the one about no hassle cathedral park too. Hoping to go this summer. How many days do u recommend? We were thinking fri to monday..


Friday 8th of February 2019

That sounds perfect! I would have said three days minimum but four is ideal if you love to hike and want a bit of downtime too.

I'm glad you liked the Cathedral Park posts!


Monday 16th of July 2018

Hi! I just have a question, a couple of friends and I were planning on doing this hike in the afternoon starting at about 1 pm, would this give us enough time?


Tuesday 17th of July 2018

Hi Laura, this is super dependent on your hiking speed and ability. If you're doing it soon, you would have plenty of light! If starting at 1, we would have finished at 7ish, which is doable.


Tuesday 26th of June 2018


Just a question about this hike. Could this be done in a day? And I have never heard of the shuttle before that takes you into the core area. Could you provide some more information about this?



Wednesday 27th of June 2018

Hi there! The Rim Trail itself is a day hike. The shuttle is run by Cathedral Lakes Lodge - Looking at their website, they have a shuttle for day trippers going up at 8am and down again at 5pm. If you are reasonably fit, that should be enough time to do the Rim Trail.