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Van Life

Vanlife has been our travel style for almost a decade. We like to travel slow, taking our time to discover places beyond the beaten path and experience the beauty of nature. 

The easiest (and cheapest) way we’ve found to do this is to travel in a van. This is especially true since we became full time outdoor adventure bloggers in 2017.

Gemma and JR sat inside GMC Savana van conversion
Gemma, JR and Hanna the Savana

Our first conversion together was a Toyota Lucida which we then drove to Turkey and back. After moving to Canada, we did it again, this time with a Chevrolet Astro and a five-month road trip around British Columbia, Yukon, NWT and Alaska plus numerous other smaller road trips around the country.

We upgraded to a 2005 GMC Savana nicknamed ‘Hanna’ in 2017. We completed a DIY conversion before we starting a 20,000+ kilometre road trip covering Canada’s East coast and a cross continent trip back to British Columbia via the USA.

After a winter in Australia and Thailand, we returned to Canada for a 6.5 month 14,000 kilometre road trip around British Columbia and Alberta.

DIY van conversion parked with mountains in background at free camping spot in British Columbia
Free camping spot near Radium, British Columbia
inside our finished gmc savana van conversion
View from back of van of coastal scenery in British Columbia
Another free camp spot in British Columbia
White van parked next to river with mountains in background
Stopping for lunch in Alberta

GMC Savana Construction Diaries

White van parked next to picnic table and fire pit in British Columbia
Cooking on the fire at a free campsite in British Columbia
White van parked at viewpoint looking out to a sunset over the ocean
One of the best sunsets during our summer road trip in 2019
Gemma and JR standing next to white van with mountainous scenery behind
JR, Gemma and Hanna the Savana in the Kananaskis Valley, Alberta

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