Working holidays

Working holidays are an awesome way to travel the world while still earning money. Living and working in a country for an extended time offers a unique perspective on a place that you simply wouldn’t get just from travelling through. Applying for a working holiday isn’t difficult either.

working holiday.

noun - A holiday spent engaged in paid or volunteer work which is typically not one's usual occupation

Tempted? Check out our working holiday guides below. With the experience of six working holidays (in four different countries) between us, we have plenty of tips and advice to share to help you start your working holiday sooner and more successfully! Let us help you go on an amazing adventure.

A working holiday essential: travel insurance

It’s the least exciting part of a working holiday by far, but having travel/health insurance for the length of your intended stay in a requirement for most working holiday programs. No idea where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!