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Thanks for your interest in partnering with Off Track Travel. Here you’ll find an overview of potential partnership opportunities. Any questions? Send us an email with your ideas.

About us

Off Track Travel is an adventure travel blog authored by Gemma and Jean Robert (JR). We are a British/Canadian couple currently based in British Columbia, Canada. Gemma is the primary writer while JR is chief photographer and driver. We primarily travel in a converted van, bringing our two kayaks, canoe and well-worn hiking boots almost everywhere with us to explore the best nature has to offer.

For more details about our travel story, head to our about us page.
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How to partner with us

Some of the most common ways to partner with us can be found below. We are also open to any additional suggestions or ideas you may have – just shoot us an email and we’ll talk about it!

Content creation and campaigns for brands and DMOs

Off Track Travel showcases beyond the beaten path destinations, with a focus on outdoor adventure. We specialise in creating inspiring and authoritative evergreen content optimised for organic search engine traffic. Off Track Travel currently receives around 70k monthly page views.

With an engaged following, as demonstrated by a high affiliate conversion rate, we can offer meaningful partnerships for adventure travel companies and destination marketing organisations. Annually, we direct more than $120,000 in revenue to our featured partners.

Gemma is a member of TMAC, the Travel Media Association of Canada.

Audience overview:

  • Active travellers seeking to explore primarily natural attractions and unique destinations
  • Typically 20-45 years old and based in Canada, the US and the UK.
  • Preference for longer trips and engagement with local culture.

More information about our audience and reach can be found in our media kit, available upon request.

Partnership opportunities:

We are open to proposals for press trips, hosted stays, affiliate programs, brand ambassadorships and product reviews.

We have previously worked with:

Example brand and tourism partnerships

Freelance writing

Gemma loves to write, with travel and outdoor adventure being her speciality. If you’re looking for interesting or inspiring articles for a reasonable price, get in touch. We also offer affordable blog content writing services. Gemma has been the primary writer of a successful eBay blog since 2015.


Are you a brand or destination marketing organisation wanting to work with influencers or bloggers but feel:

  • Unsure where to start and what to expect from working with bloggers?
  • Overwhelmed with partnership requests?
  • Less than confident when evaluating authentic engagement?
  • Uncertain how to plan a custom campaign or hosted stay to gain the best return on investment?

If your response was ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we can help! With over five years of experience in this industry, we’d love to share how you can fully harness blogger partnerships with effective, tangible and measurable results.

Consulting prices and packages available on request.


We are full-time digital nomads, with the majority of our living and travel costs being covered by this blog. This lifestyle offers a sense of freedom like no other.

If you also dream of becoming a digital nomad or full-time blogger but have no idea where to start, we have a wealth of experience to share with you. If you already have a travel blog but are not sure how to monetise it, we can provide actionable advice and tips to become profitable.

Mentoring prices and packages available on request.

How to contact us

Please email [email protected] with partnership ideas or proposals. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Due to our love of wilderness adventures and the backroads, we can sometimes be out of contact for up to a week.

JR at Rake Mountain summit, Yukon