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JR standing on top of mountain summit, above the clouds
Hiking the Sunshine Coast Tail in partnership with Sunshine Coast Tourism

About us

Off Track Travel is an adventure travel blog authored by Gemma and Jean Robert (JR), founded in 2012 and grown into a business in 2015.

In 2017, we became full time outdoor adventure bloggers. Off Track Travel is our number one source of income.

Currently based in British Columbia, Canada, Gemma is the primary writer and website editor while JR is chief photographer, driver and occasional writer.

We primarily travel in a converted van, bringing our two kayaks, canoe and well-worn hiking boots almost everywhere with us to explore the best nature has to offer.

For more details about our travel story, head to our about us page.

Paraglider flies in font of snow capped mountains
Paragliding in Revelstoke, in partnership with WildPR

How to partner with us

Some of the most common ways to partner with us can be found below.

We are also open to any additional suggestions or ideas you may have – just shoot us an email and we’ll talk about it!

Content creation and campaigns for businesses and DMOs

Off Track Travel showcases beyond the beaten path destinations, with a focus on outdoor adventure.

We specialise in creating inspiring and authoritative evergreen content optimised for organic search engine traffic.

Off Track Travel currently receives up to 200k monthly page views and has a social media and newsletter audience of over 9k wonderful folks.

With an engaged following, as demonstrated by a high affiliate conversion rate, we can offer meaningful partnerships for adventure travel companies and destination marketing organisations.

Annually, we direct more than $450,000 in revenue to our featured partners.

Gemma and JR are both members of TMAC, the Travel Media Association of Canada.

Looking down to dirt trail winding through alpine meadows and past small trees on HBC Heritage Trail
Hiking the HBC Heritage Trail in partnership with Destination BC

Audience overview:

  • Active travellers seeking to explore primarily natural attractions and unique destinations
  • Typically 25-45 years old and based in Canada, Australia, the UK and the US
  • Preference for longer trips and engagement with local culture

More information about our audience and reach can be found in our media kit, available upon request. We also have numerous case studies of previous partnerships that we can share.

Partnership opportunities:

We are open to proposals for media trips, hosted stays, affiliate programs and brand ambassadorships.

If you have a unique advertising idea, just read out and let us know!

Please note that we do not publish sponsored posts or links. We also do not write about destinations, tours or services that we have not experienced first hand.

Are you an outdoor adventure tour companies looking for some exposure? We’d love to hear from you but please understand that we will need to go on a tour/trip to be able to feature your business 🙂 Maintaining a high level of trust and authenticity with our audience is very important to us.

We have previously worked with:

previously worked with 2022 graphic featuring DMO and PR company logos
Crabbing on BC’s West Coast with Tourism Tofino

How to contact us

Please email gemma[at] with partnership ideas or proposals. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Due to our love of wilderness adventures and the backroads, we can sometimes be out of contact for up to a week.

Hiking in the Kananaskis Valley in partnership with WildPR and Mount Engadine Lodge

Lilija Stoeppler

Monday 10th of October 2016

Hi, I am from Germany, having traveled to B.C., Canada regularly twice a year for the last 8 years (my son and family live here), I spent the second half of 2015 near Smithers, B.C., looking after my little grandchildren and socializing with the local people/friends. I still got a job in Berlin, Germany, but have signed up (with a renowned Canadian volunteer organization for a whole school year as a volunteer teacher assistant at one of the schools in Inuvik. This is my first time way up north (though long time ago I have visited for a few weeks with one of my sisters in Fort Resolution, NWT). Just curious, what kind of work are you thinking of, that I could contribute to? Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you Lilija


Tuesday 11th of October 2016

Hi Lilija,

Sounds like an exciting opportunity! This page is more about how Off Track Travel can work with brands and organisations regarding product reviews, sponsored posts etc. :)

Jason Wellband

Wednesday 16th of December 2015

This post is really helpful for me because i run an adventure travel company named Bamba Experience, please have a look on my website.