Exploring majestic Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park

Exploring Majestic Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park, British Columbia

A cathedral of magnificent trees on Vancouver Island, Carmanah Valley is a magical place for any nature lover to visit. A pilgrimage is definitely worth making despite the more difficult access. Here’s everything you need to know

An Idyllic Paddling Trip to Wallace Island, BC

Wallace Island: An Idyllic Kayaking Destination in British Columbia

Sometimes, the best ‘backcountry’ trips are the ones hidden just beyond civilisation. This is certainly true of the five days we spent kayak camping on idyllic Wallace Island, British Columbia. Discover this island paradise for yourself, with our trip experience and comprehensive planning guide

25+ of the Best Campgrounds on Vancouver Island, BC header

25+ of the Best Campgrounds on Vancouver Island, BC

With so many pristine natural areas (and over 3000km of coastline!), Vancouver Island is the perfect place to go camping. Read on for a complete guide to camping on Vancouver Island, including 25+ of the best campsites, insider tips and essential safety advice

Riding the Pipe Mountain Coaster at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC

The 1.4km Revelstoke Mountain Coaster is an exhilarating ride like no other in British Columbia, Canada. This guide features everything you need to know about riding the Revelstoke Mountain Coaster, including an experience guide as well as insider tips and advice to make the most of your day at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.