13 of the Best Beaches in Nova Scotia, Canada

When it comes to the best beaches in Nova Scotia, I can assure you that the standards are high. Here are thirteen of my favourite Nova Scotia beaches, ranging from family-friendly stretches of golden sand to remote, pebble-strewn shores.

Algonquin Provincial Park_ A Canoeist's Wonderland

Algonquin. To canoeists, it is a legendary place of endless wilderness and adventure. It’s been on my wish list for over six years, ever since I first picked up a canoe paddle. Read the story of our six day canoe trip in Algonquin and then start planning your own Algonquin adventure with the included planning guide. 

The Complete Guide to Travelling Canada in Winter

Travelling Canada in winter is beautiful and rewarding. It is not, however, without challenges. This guide explores how to overcome these difficulties alongside winter driving tips and a round up of the best places to visit in Canada in winter.