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Blog: Winter 2.0 or The Weirdest Winter Ever

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Back at the start of February, things were looking pretty bleak for the ski season. Over a metre of snow arriving within a few days mid January had enabled the resort to open, but it had been followed by an weather inversion. Instead of more snow, we experienced wall to wall sunshine and temperatures up to 15 degrees. Sunbathing in January is awesome but not so conclusive to good snow conditions! By the end of the month Mount Washington was closed again and I took the opportunity to go back to the UK for the first time in over two years. It was one of the most spontaneous things I have ever done; travel 4,000 kilometres at four days notice. Though the flights were relatively cheap ($800/£440), we couldn’t really afford for us both to go, and besides, Jean Robert still had a job!

start of Feb Mount WashingtonAbove: Around the Hawk chairlift about a week before I left. It was the last day the run on the right was open.

JR Mount Washington village Feb 21

Mount Washington snow winter 2014This is why you should stay on the beaten path sometimes

Outtakes Mount Washington snow village

About a week into my UK trip, it started snowing on the mountain again. Around two metres of snow fell in three days, and I arrived back to find the season in full swing again. Hooray! This time, the snow was not followed by an inversion, rather quite the opposite. It hasn’t really stopped over the last five weeks. As I write this it’s snowing pretty hard, on top of the 15cm that fell overnight as well as the 10cm during the day yesterday. More is forecast over the next couple of days.

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With JR only working weekends at the mountain, we’ve both had a fair amount of time to finally enjoy winter. We recently managed to get out snowshoeing, something that was second priority after getting enough snowboarding days in! Following the snowshoeing, we did the traditional thing and had a fondue. Life is good when you have snow and cheese!

Top of the Eagle Mount Washington ocean view 2014You can see the ocean from the top of Mount Washington’s highest chairlift

Snowboarding Mount Washington 2014

Mount Washington JR snowboarding

Mount Washington eagle chair

Top of Eagle Mount Washington snowboarding

JR snowboarding Mount WashingtonIt really does feel like winter is running backwards this year. Usually all the snow comes in December and January, with top ups in February and March. March is a time to enjoy Spring skiing; blue skies, warm temperatures and corn snow. Typically, we spend the last month of the season thinking more about camping and paddling (our first camping trip was April 1st last year!) more than snowboarding….but with the weather being what it is (and the season being so weird), everything is a little confused. We are leaving the mountain in 15 days, but one of the major stumbling blocks we’re having is that we haven’t even been able to clean out the van we will be travelling and living in. The idea of first having to dig it out and then clean and sort the van in a blizzard just isn’t very appealing! We didn’t think it would be a problem since the weather is usually so mild by now.

Weird winter or not, we’ve still had an awesome time living up the mountain and still have two weeks of adventures left! Fingers crossed though that we manage to get into the van someday soon….

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Snowshoeing Mount Washington 2014 (2)

Snowshoeing Mount Washington 2014

Mount Washington chalet snow winter 2014This chalet has about two metres of snow blocking the entrance….wouldn’t want to be shovelling that out!

Below: Friday March 28th. Still snowing.

P1090541View from our condo

Sunset from condo

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