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Blog: Our highlights of 2013

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winter 2013


The ski season had started off as a hugely snowy one, but soon it was just sunny.  More often than not, we were snowboarding down the mountain on a bluebird day wondering where winter had gone. Not exactly a bad thing overall, but it made me long for the spring a little too early! We tried out cross country skiing this year, which turned out to be a lot of fun until you find yourself on the top of a hill and wonder how to get down safely! Our new snowshoes were tested out too, although again, staying away from hills is preferable (for me at least!) Jean Robert spent the entire month of February in Yukon and Alaska, assisting at the 2013 Yukon Quest dog sled race. I hope to (finally!) persuade him to write about his experiences this winter.

islands summer

Spring and summer

This summer definitely lived up to expectations, which sometimes can be hard to do! We didn’t stray too far from water in the warmer months, spending most of our time around lakes, the ocean and on the nearby Gulf Islands. We were lucky enough to have both of our families visit in May, starting the warmer months off with plenty of travel and sightseeing. Completing the Sayward Canoe Circuit in June was our first big outdoor adventure together, but it definitely won’t be the last; we’re thinking bigger and more often in 2014. The summer of camping and canoeing continued, as we managed to get away at least every other weekend to beautiful locations all over the Island. I was even able to join WildCoast Adventures on one of their OrcaCamp trips in August. Read all about our summer here

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canoe summer


With the days drawing in and the temperatures (and snow!) falling, we hiked into Strathcona Park for our last outdoor adventure of the year. We did go to Tofino a few months later, but this was a very different kind of trip – we spoiled ourselves and stayed in an oceanside cabin for three nights, to celebrate two years in Canada. Since then, we’ve been excitedly been preparing for winter and the next ski season. Mother Nature though, and her own ideas, and while we’ve moved to the mountain, the snow hasn’t followed us. Come on, Ullr, what are you waiting for?! We’re ready!

autumn 2013

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  1. C & S Taylor says:

    Just waiting for the snow to cap a great year…

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