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Blog: Holy snowfall!

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Friday night, the much needed ‘big storm’ finally hit us. From Thursday to Saturday last week, approx 110cm of snow fell. I’ve never seen so much snow come down so fast. It was hard to sleep that night; firstly because of the howling wind, secondly out of excitement to see how much snow would actually be there in the morning. The storm delivered. Walking to work on Saturday morning was interesting to say the least. After scaling a shoulder-height snow barrier at our condo car park’s entrance (created by the helpful plough), ¬†soon found myself in knee height deep snow while walking through the village. With no other tracks around and the snow still falling, it was hard to work out where to go. Not wanting to go back over the barrier again to get my snow shoes, I preserved, though soon regretted this decision once I had snow up past my thighs! Thinking positively, I knew that this must snow could only mean one thing….On Sunday, the mountain’s alpine operations, albeit not fully. Finally, the ski season we have been waiting for!

mount washington snow jan 11th


11pm during the storm on Friday night

mount washington new snow jan 11th

Photos of the village and around the condo Saturday afternoon – by this time, lots of people (and some vehicles) had added to my initial tracks and it was do-able without snowshoes! Even with ploughing, most of the parked cars were blocked by at least knee height snow.

mount washington village snow

mount washington parking lot snow

We are so happy to be back on the slopes. Jean Robert has been out every day since opening, while I had to wait a couple of days to my scheduled days off. It has been warming up since the storm, and so the snow is soft; it all feels a bit like Spring skiing. The small amount of people on the hill feels more like Spring too, but all the more for us! There are some rocks peeking up here and there on the runs now, so hopefully the weather goes back to some kind of winter ‘normal’ and we get some more powder. We are actually heading over to the mainland next week to check out some other mountains. Where exactly we’re not totally sure, we’re going to check out the snow forecasts over the weekend and decide then. It could mean a ferry followed by a 2/6/10 hour drive, who knows; I’m trying to embrace the Canadian art of being spontaneous! As much as I love the Island, I’m looking forward to seeing some new places and trying out another mountain.

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On the hawk chair mount washington

mount washington view from eagle

View from the top of the Eagle chairlift, looking south-east


mount washington top of eagle 2

Looking towards the Comox Valley – no ocean views today, we’re above the clouds!


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  1. Linda says:

    No snow yet in Scotland!!

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