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Blog: Falling into Autumn

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Just wanted to share some miscellaneous photos from the last month or so….apologies as most of the photos are from the camera phone, but photos like this (non-trip ones) always seem to be! First, blackberry picking down the road.
We went picking twice and managed to get about three times the amount shown in the bucket overall….a decent reward I think! A small carton of blackberries in the supermarket (about the size of two playing card decks across) costs about $5 for reference….
blueberry picking courtenay

blackberry picking comox valley
front lawn comox valley after summer
comox logging road autumn

stotan falls comox valley autumn
autumn leaves comox valley
hydro pipeline comox valley autumn

Lots to look forward to

Turns out that I really really like autumn (or fall!) in Canada; Thanksgiving was great, I’m enjoying the build up to Halloween (more about that in a future post), and it’s awesome having the ski season to look forward to. Yes, winter is coming, but the prospect of snowboarding, snowshoeing and skiing soon is making up for it!

As a side note, we’ve been doing a bit of cat and dog sitting recently – one of our friends was in Victoria for a little while. Here’s her lovely cat enjoying some quiet time with Jean Robert.
flex jean robert cat sitting
fluffy next door dog autumn

Border run

As well as preparing for winter, we’ve been planning for our upcoming trip to the USA in early November. My current visa runs out on 9th November and I need to physically leave Canada and then come back, activating my new visa at the border.
We’re actually going to be arriving in the States the day after the election so that will be interesting; well at least I think so, Jean Robert not so much! We’re going to take a 90 minute ferry from Victoria (220km/3 hours south) to Port Angeles, Washington, and spend a few nights in Seattle and a couple on the Olympic Peninsula. I’m excited about going back to the US after five years, and as an proper ‘adult’ this time (last time I was 18). It’s going to be especially nice to be able to drive around in our own vehicle! I don’t believe there is lots to see in Seattle tourism-wise, but it’ll be nice to be in a big city for a short time and enjoy all the perks that come with that!

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Since we’re leaving Canada for longer than 48 hours we’re able to bring quite a lot of ‘stuff’ back (food, alcohol, clothes etc) so we’ll definitely be doing a little bit of shopping over there – I’ve been told it’s noticeably cheaper across the border. We’ve already had people putting in a few requests for specific things to bring back with us!
Now I’m off to put the heater on, grab a book and listen to the rain I think!

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