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15 of the Best Gifts for Nature Lovers | Most Items $50 or Less

Shopping for a nature enthusiast? Discover our curated collection of the best gifts for people who’d rather be outside.

Previously managing an outdoor retail store, Gemma and I have given many gift recommendations over the years.

From nature-inspired art prints and books to handmade jewellery and mugs, there’s a little something for most outdoor enthusiasts here.

Back view of JR standing with red backpack and pole looking out to magnificent basin view on Stanley Glacier Trail with mountains on all three sides
Enjoying the beauty of nature on the Stanley Glacier Trail in British Columbia

I’ve grouped the items into three categories – inexpensive (less than $50), midrange ($50-100) and then luxury ($150+) to provide options for all budgets.

The majority of these items are listed in the inexpensive category, with most hovering around the $25 mark.

All prices are in Canadian dollars and I have made an effort to showcase Canadian businesses where possible.

You may also find our hiker gift guide and paddler gift guide helpful.

Without any further delay, let’s get into it, starting with the best gifts for nature lovers for $50 or less!

Published November 2023. This post includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase via one of these links, we may receive a percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

Distant view of pelicans crowded together on lake in ALberta. The lake is calm and surrounded by short trees
Pelicans in Alberta

Best gifts for nature lovers – Less than $50

Framed art print with 100 species of animals native to BC

Art prints

Gift a loved one the memory of a favourite place in nature with an art print.

Many talented Canadian artists sell prints on their websites and also via Etsy. For example, our home is decorated with many landscape art prints, including Spirit Island in Jasper National Park and Mount Assiniboine.

Another idea would be to buy an animal or plant-themed print, such as this ‘100 Species of BC‘ illustration by Danielle Brufatto (this one is on our fireplace mantel!) I also like Danielle’s mushroom art print.

MEC stock image photo of Smartwool merino socks

Merino socks

Exploring nature is always more comfortable with a good pair of socks.

Merino wool socks are, in my opinion, the best you can get due to their soft feel, natural temperature regulation and antimicrobial properties.

The price tag, however, can be difficult to justify ($25). For that reason, merino wool socks make a great gift!

We’ve tested many different merino wool socks over the years and Smartwool is my top pick. I also love my pairs from Darn Tough and Icebreaker.

Shop merino wool socks: MEC | Amazon

Hidden Life of Trees book cover featuring three trees and text

Non-fiction nature book

There are so many different nature books I could recommend in this gift guide!

Consider books about outdoor adventurers as well. Some of my favourites are authored by Adam Shoalts, a professional explorer from Ontario. He paints a vivid image of his wild adventures in very lonely places.

Another idea for a nature book would be a plant or wildflower identification guide.

Byward Outfitters trucker style hat with leather nature themed patch

Nature themed cap

One can never have too many caps, right? So many outdoor brands offer hats and caps adorned with nature scenes. I particularly like Outdoor Research‘s artist series.

Another of my top picks is Byward Outfitters, a small family-owned company based in Ottawa. Their caps feature handmade nature-themed leather patches. Think mountain peaks, ocean sunsets, national parks, animals and more.

Byward Outfitters also sell toques as well.

Shop caps: MEC | Amazon

Pink oyster mushrooms growing from box

Mushroom growing kit

Mushrooms are definitely one of the coolest things you can grow at home. We’ve enjoyed growing both oyster and button mushrooms before.

One of the best aspects is that this mushroom growing kit will fruit multiple times. The mushrooms grow quickly too, much faster than any vegetable outside (5-14 days)!

As a bonus, I found that growing mushrooms at home greatly increased my appreciation for them in nature.

Orange faux leather trail journal

Trail journal

Help your giftee keep track of their favourite places and wildlife encounters with a trail journal.

This well-organised trail journal is designed specifically for hikers and features prompts to record trail designs as well as descriptions of flora and fauna.

There is a camping version as well, perfect for anyone who loves spending the night in nature.

Hand stampled necklace pendant with mountains and forest

Nature themed necklace

There are so many talented Canadian jewellery makers on Etsy.

One of my favourites has to be Angela from the Brass Mallet, who makes hand-stamped one-of-a-kind necklaces.

Choose between mountains, trees, birds, starry nights, flowers and more. Custom engraving is also available for an extra charge.

Parks Canada 2024 Calendar featuring Gros Morne national park on front cover

Canada National Parks calendar

Spend a year in Canada’s national parks with this National Parks calendar. Each month features a beautiful vintage artwork celebrating a specific park.

The 2024 edition looks fantastic, with Gros Morne on the cover and Yoho starting the year.

We received the 2023 calendar for Christmas and have since paid it forward by gifting one to a friend. At the end of the year, we plan to frame some of my favourite prints.

Close up of Backroad Mapbook Vancouver Island topo map with campgrounds, lakes and roads marked

Backroad Mapbook

We are often asked how we find research off-the-beaten-path destinations in Canada.

The answer is easy – with the help of Backroad Mapbooks.

These incredibly detailed topo maps feature all of the hiking trails, campgrounds, parks and attractions in a particular region.

Unpaved backroads are also featured, which is helpful for navigation as well as research.

MEC stock image photo of Buff neck gaiter, with image of tent and two people by campsite

Buff/neck gaiter

A neck gaiter is essentially a tubular piece of fabric that can be worn in many different ways when exploring the outdoors.

The most obvious use is around the neck for warmth or sun coverage. Neck gaiters can also be used as a face mask, headscarf, sweatband, hair tie, beanie hat and more!

Buff makes so many amazing nature-themed neck gaiters, I particularly love those that feature mountain ranges.

Shop neck gaiters: MEC | Amazon

White mug with hand drawn bear image on front, set on rock in front of river surrounded by autumn foliage

Canadian animal coffee mug

While a coffee mug may be a pretty standard gift, this one is particularly special.

Cindy Labrecque produces made-to-order hand-thrown porcelain coffee mugs, each showcasing a Canadian animal.

I love the detail of the hand-drawn animals, with my favourite being the racoon, humpback whale, black bear and wolverine versions.

Pile of national park and provincial park stickers on ground

National/provincial park stickers

Consider this suggestion a fun stocking stuffer!

These colorful waterproof vinyl stickers celebrate individual parks within the national and provincial park systems. There’s a large selection to choose from and it’s possible to mix and match.

If fabric patches would suit your giftee more than stickers, check out the Parks Canada store or the Ontario Parks online shop.

Best gifts for nature lovers – $50-100

Foli tropical plant in white pot

A tropical plant

Bring the outside into your friend’s home with a tropical plant.

Unable to purchase a plant in person? Foli is an online plant shop with a huge range of tropical plants.

Each pot is delivered with personalised care instructions (helpful for inexperienced plant owners like me!) A choice of pots is available.

MEC stock image photo of blue and purple printed hammock


There’s nothing quite relaxing in nature in a hammock!

We love our orange ENO DoubleNest hammock, which is suitable for use by one or two people.

Both strong and lightweight, these hammocks are produced in a variety of patterns and colour combinations.

Shop hammocks: MEC | Amazon

Best gifts for nature lovers – $100+

Close up of two Canada National park passes, one blue and one purple

Annual park pass

Give your loved one a year of endless exploration! Not only a way to save money, annual park passes are also a fantastic source of inspiration for nature lovers.

An annual Parks Canada Discovery Pass provides the holder with unlimited admission to more than 80 national parks and national historic sites for 12 months.

Depending on your giftee’s location, a provincial or territorial park pass may be more appropriate.

Seasonal or annual passes are available in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Quebec (provincial parks are free for day use in Alberta, BC, PEI and Nova Scotia).

Examples of more localised annual park passes include the Kananaskis Conservation Pass (Alberta) and the Conservation Parks Membership Pass (Ontario).

Back view of Gemma in canoe looking down river towards surrounding cliffs and foliage. Mountains rise above the milky coloured river
Bird watching while paddling the Columbia River near Radium

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