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The Northumberland Coast Path is a 100km long journey along some of England’s most beautiful shorelines. Offering a blend of pristine coastal scenery, rich history and coastal village comforts (pubs, seafood, cosy accommodation), the Northumberland Coast Path is an unforgettable picture perfect coastal walking experience.

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Have you ever walked all the way around an island? The pyramid shaped Isle of Wight, situated just off the south coast of England, is one place where you can do just that. The 36km wide and 22km tall Isle of Wight is encircled by a long distance walking trail called the Isle of Wight Coastal Path.

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For a unique and interesting experience in London, consider applying to be in the audience of a television show. It requires a spare afternoon or evening and a bit of patience. If you’re not British, some of the shows can offer a real first-hand insight into some of the local culture. Best of all though, it is completely free!

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