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A Wine Lover’s Guide to the Naramata Bench eBook

“So where do we start?” I asked JR less than a few weeks after moving to Penticton. We were about to go on our first Naramata Bench wineries tour. Problem was, we had no idea where to begin.

With 40 tasting rooms at the last count on the Naramata Bench, you can see why we were having issues.

So not only did my love of the Naramata Bench start that July day but also the idea for this book. Three years later and I believe the idea is more relevant than ever, with the number of vineyards, wineries, visitors and accolades still steadily climbing.

And finally, here it is, a full 15,000+ word guide to the Naramata Bench wineries.

Not only does this guide feature every single one of the Naramata Bench wineries plus touring tips, accommodation advice and more, but it also has a unique Naramata wineries map.

A Wine Lover's Guide to the Naramata Bench ebook

A Wine Lover’s Guide to the Naramata Bench

A Wine Lover’s Guide to the Naramata Bench is a PDF eBook priced at $5.99CAD. It is primarily a trip planner for your own tour around the Naramata wineries and is based on my personal experience of over 30 visits to the Bench over the last two and a half years as a Penticton local.

This Naramata wineries eBook has been designed and formatted to work best on smartphones, tablets and computers. Once you purchase it, the book is yours to keep for your own personal use.

The chapter titles of a Wine Lover’s Guide to the Naramata Bench are:

01 The Beauty of the Naramata Bench

02 Visiting the Naramata Bench

03 Wine Touring Etiquette and Tips

04 How to Tour the Naramata Bench

05 Wineries of the Naramata Bench

06 Suggested Wine Touring Itineraries

07 Other Local Wine Regions

08 Beyond the Vineyards

09 Quick Reference Winery guide + map

Screenshots of Naramata wineries eBook guide pages
Example pages from A Wine Lover’s Guide to the Naramata Bench eBook

Is this Naramata Bench wineries guide for you?

If you’re considering or planning a trip to the Naramata Bench, then absolutely! If you are local to the Naramata Bench, some of the content will be less relevant to you (chapters 02, 04, 07, 08), however, I still think you will find plenty of value.

All 40 Naramata wineries with tasting rooms are featured individually and also on the quick reference guide. There is also a specially created map with every single Naramata winery marked, perfect to take on your wine tour. 

Views of the Naramata Bench from Therapy Vineyards, one of the many Naramata wineries

The Naramata Bench: Where?

The Naramata Bench is a small wine region located along the south-eastern shore of Okanagan Lake, British Columbia. Wineries and vineyards stretch from the northern edge of Penticton all the way to the town of Naramata and slightly beyond, to the border of Okanagan Mountain Park.

A deep moody lake and rugged mountains provide a dramatic backdrop to the patchwork of rolling hills and vineyards of this beautiful wine region. There is nowhere else quite like it in Canada.

Living on the north-eastern edge of Penticton for the last two and a half years, the Naramata wineries were only a hop, skip and a jump away. And I did that hop many times!

One summer, I counted eight wine tours (mostly self-guided) around the Naramata Bench with friends and visitors.

And that doesn’t even include the times Jean Robert and I would take a ‘quick trip’ up the Bench to pick up wine for a special event or party.

Naramata Bench grapes in Lang Vineyards, one of the many Naramata wineries

The beauty of the Naramata wineries

In my opinion, the ambience and allure of the Naramata Bench just cannot be beaten on a hot summer’s day. The sun illuminates the golden hills and winding vineyards, the bright blue sky contrasting with the darker, sparkling lake.

Naramata winery buildings, all individually unique, scatter on and beyond the main road. Some seem to have been transported directly from the vineyards of Italy or France, others are strikingly modern or modest.

And of course, the Naramata Bench looks even better with a cold glass of Viognier or Sauvignon Blanc, the grapes of which have been picked within a few miles.

It is a place I never imagined I would find in Canada after moving here in 2011. One of my favourite things about living in Penticton was sharing the Naramata Bench wineries with others.

Now back on the road and exploring the other side of Canada, I hope to continue this through this Naramata wineries guide instead.

quidni winery penticton naramata bench

A disclosure

Before purchasing the book, you should know that I’m not a wine expert, connoisseur or sommelier by any definition.

I can’t claim to know the difference between different fermentation styles or know the providence of every varietal. This book does not go into the detail of every wine available at every winery on the Naramata Bench.

The truth is, I just enjoy tasting and drinking wine, especially when on the Naramata Bench. I’m sure you will too, and I believe this Naramata wineries guide will enhance your experience in this wonderful place.

Buy the Wine Lover’s Guide to the Naramata Bench now

Click here to discover the comprehensive eBook guide to the beautiful Naramata Bench wine region in British Columbia. Everything you need to know about planning a trip including accommodation, travel, wine touring tips and advice plus a unique hand-drawn map featuring every single winery with open tasting room.
A Wine Lover's Guide to the Naramata Bench - a trip planning eBook to help you create the perfect wine tour on the beautiful Naramata Bench, British Columbia, Canada. Everything you need to know in one handy PDF!
Planning a visit to the stunning Okanagan Valley in British Columbia? Check out the Wine Lover's Guide to the Naramata Bench, featuring everything you need to know about planning a trip to this wine region in British Columbia including wine touring tips and itineraries, travel advice, unique Naramata wineries map, accommodation and more.

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