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The Ultimate Guide to a Working Holiday (IEC) in Canada eBook

A working holiday in Canada is a once in a lifetime opportunity – I hope you take it! Are you:

  • Considering a working holiday in Canada but don’t know where to start?
  • Already decided to go but don’t want the hassle of working out the nitty gritty of it all?
  • Overwhelmed by the amount of information online and not sure who to believe?

If any of the above is familiar to you, the Ultimate Guide to a Working Holiday in Canada is for you!

It is full of useful tips and advice for your move to Canada (from the initial International Experience Canada (IEC) visa application to filing taxes!) and is regularly updated to ensure the information is always relevant and correct.

This guide is written by me, a working holiday veteran who has been providing IEC advice for over seven years. I originally came to Canada on the IEC program and am now a Canadian citizen. Simply put, I know my stuff about Canada, working holidays and the IEC.

The Ultimate Guide to a Working Holiday in Canada ebook

The Ultimate Guide to a Working Holiday in Canada eBook

The Ultimate Guide to a Working Holiday in Canada offers a kick-start to your working holiday, helping you feel more confident, prepared and excited about your trip. As a bonus, it also includes a ‘Working Holiday Experiences’ section with previous participants sharing knowledge, stories and tips from their time in Canada.

This 100+ page guide is a shortcut to potentially hours of searching for information and advice related to your Canadian working holiday. It covers every aspect of working holidays in Canada that you can imagine and more!

Still not sure? You can buy this book risk-free. If you’re not happy with the book after purchase, I will give you a 100% refund.

Vancouver near Granville

Frequently asked questions about this eBook

What format is the book in?

The book is a PDF file. It can be read using a computer, iBook and e-readers (Kindle, Nook).

Isn’t most of this available on your site for free?

No. Indeed, a small amount of this information is available in its bare form within half a dozen Canada working holiday related blog posts on, including the popular IEC Application Guide. This book is far more than just an ‘extended version.’ As mentioned, it includes over 34,000 words total.

This is a full-length e-book taking the reader from the initial IEC application all the way to filing taxes and travelling Canada while on their working holiday. The last section is particularly unique, providing eight recent experiences of the working holiday program, as told by solo travellers, couples, ski resort workers and city dwellers.

Manning Park hiking views - Choosing Working Holiday Travel Insurance

How often is this guide updated?

The book is checked and updated regularly. I also update the book as and when there are changes to the IEC application process. The version on sale right now was updated and extended August 2018. There will be a new version in May 2019. I send the new copy to anyone who purchased within the last two weeks from the release date.

Why would I buy this book?

This straightforward guide provides the where, what, why and then what for both first-time and experienced travellers. It is my personal belief that anyone who can go on a working holiday, should. I want to help make the idea of a working holiday less intimidating for the many people who would ordinarily never consider one.

Written by a working holiday veteran

I have lived in both New Zealand and Canada on three working holidays. I’ve been offering advice and helping people go on working holidays since 2012 and became a Canadian citizen in 2018. I have lived in Canada since 2011. My IEC Application Guide is one of the most popular, up-to-date and comprehensive resources currently available for people going on a Canadian working holiday.

My life has been defined by my working holidays; the amazing friends I have made and the incredible experiences I have had. Let me help you to have your own unforgettable working holiday – download my eBook today!

Buy the Ultimate Guide to a Working Holiday in Canada

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Monday 9th of July 2018

Hi Gemma. Is the ebook up to date now? Thanks


Tuesday 10th of July 2018

Hi Sam! It was last checked/updated at the end of April.


Tuesday 19th of January 2016

Hello Gemma... I'm in interested in purchasing your book but I was wondering if there is going to be a 2016 version released and if I should just hold off?



Wednesday 3rd of February 2016

Hi Ryan,

Apologies for the SUPER late reply - The current book out is Version 1.4, updated in January. I am updating the immigration section as things develop. I would estimate that 99% of the rest of the book is as accurate as when I wrote it last year :)


Wednesday 28th of October 2015

Gemma, I have read through loads of your article's and I have to say that they are brilliant and extremely helpful!!

I would like to purchase your eBook however I have seen it is dated and tailored for the 2015 ski season. I was wondering whether you will be releasing an updated version for the 2016/17 ski season any time soon?

Many thanks!


Wednesday 28th of October 2015

Hi Tom,

The book was originally written in February 2015 and released on March 2015. It is not tailored to a particular ski season - all kinds of IEC applicants from every year can benefit from the advice included. I plan to update the book as and when more information is released regarding the 2016 IEC application process. As for the rest of the content, I update as necessary as time goes. My most recent update was in August. You can download a preview of the book on the Payhip payment website, linked in the above article :)

Cathy Dore

Monday 16th of March 2015

I would definitely recommend this book. I wish it had been around in 2013 when my son first headed off to Canada on an IEC visa. We have learnt from our mistakes!

Well done, Gemma for the blog too and all your tireless work in keeping up with the moving (IEC) goalposts!


Monday 16th of March 2015

Thanks Cathy for the recommendations! I appreciate it, along with your help.

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