It’s been a challenging ski season here on Vancouver Island (and on the West Coast in general) to say the least.  Unfortunately, this also happened to be the winter season we decided to live on a mountain. Mother Nature is truly toying with our emotions.

Not long ago we received 11ocm in just under three days?! The next week, we were in an inversion with 15 degree weather. That’s 15 degrees celcius, with wall to wall sunshine. It’s been pretty heartbreaking. To help other luckless resort residents,

To help other luckless resort residents, here are some tips to keep you busy while we wait until the snow flies again…….

Find other winter activities that do not involve the white stuff

Yes, they do exist (!) and this may be blasphemy, but think of it as an opportunity for experimentation. If nothing else, you may discover something to do when it’s not winter.

Drown your sorrows in cheese

Fondue is a ski tradition, but who says you need snow to be able to do it? Cheese heals all wounds. If you’re having a particularly sad day, consider a chocolate fondue to finish.


 The above photo basically makes me want to cry. From a distance – below – it doesn’t look so bad…right?


Reminisce about previous seasons with old friends

Reminisce in the style of Hot Tub Time Machine (well, minus the time travel). Or watch the movie instead. Or even better, scrap the film and just find a hot tub.

Go and find snow

Even if this means a 1,000km round trip and hours in the car (it’s Canada, who cares?). Prepare for potential post-travel sadness on return.

If all else fails, embrace the sun and have a cold one

Keep in mind that your stumble home will be snow cushion-less, so keep it local folks!

29th January 2014. Yes, really.

Update January 30th: The below ground is COVERED with approx 2cm of snow. Yahoo!

Update February 1st: The ground is naked again. Sadness.

Update February 2nd: It’s covered! Who needs TV anyway?

At least there’s a nice view. Just don’t look at the receding snow


One half of a Canadian/British couple currently based in New Brunswick, Canada. Gemma is happiest with a kayak/canoe paddle in her hand, on the trail or planning the next big adventure.

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