I’ve lost count of how many water bottles we have for hiking and general outdoor adventures, but yet I’m always having to look hard to find one! Handy that a new one arrived directly to our door just a few weeks ago.

This bottle is a little bit different though, as it doesn’t only hold water. Seattle Sports Company’s FireWater Multi-Bottle has a mini solar panel on the lid which charges LED lights on the underside. This illuminates the silicone bottle (full or empty) and turns it into a highly portable lantern. Empty, the bottle can also be used as waterproof storage. It may seem a little gimmicky, but to be honest, I’ve surprised myself and am a bit converted. I’ll tell you why.

firewater multi bottle seattle sports

Drink and fold away

As a water bottle, there’s no doubt that it works. I really like that when empty you can fold up the bottle and secure it with the carrying strap. The silicone feel isn’t my favourite for a water bottle and it is a bit of a magnet for dirt. Cleaning isn’t really a major problem though, as it doesn’t take more than a dunk in a river to wash. It is on the heavier side of bottles though at 7.2oz, so not a bottle we would take on lightweight backpacking trips.

firewater bottle seattle sports multi use

Light and bright

The lighting aspect of the FireWater is a success all round. The LEDs in the lid of the bottle have three different settings – flashing, low, high – that are activated by a button next to the solar panel. The high setting is a remarkable 100 lumens, usually my minimum requirement for any kind of camping light. The lid can be taken off and used as a separate light source, handy if you need a smaller light.

firewater bottle on the beach seattle sport

Charge ’em up

As mentioned, the light is primarily charged by the solar panel on the lid but there is also a USB port if needed. It takes about just over seven hours to charge in full sun so far in our experience (Seattle Sports quote eight, but using ‘Seattle Summer Sunlight’!) We haven’t tried charging with the USB but the charge time is quoted to be five hours this way.

solar panel firewater multi use bottle

Perfect for camping

My initial thought was to use the FireWater on van camping trips, for some quick lighting inside and out of the vehicle in addition to the water-carrying properties. Our biggest use of the bottle so far has actually been inside our house – it has been JR’s go-to bedside nightlight due to the soft, coloured lighting it outputs. I think it would illuminate a tent very nicely, so I look forward to giving this a go when we next manage a trip (potentially), Manning Park, next weekend!

seattle sports firewater multi use backpack bottle

Final thoughts and where to buy

Overall, I think the FireWater offers a fun concept for base camping or car camping adventures. Or even just at home, if you’re like us and love a bit of soft lighting in the evenings! If there was one improvement possible on the Firewater, I would actually like it in a larger size. It carries 700ml of water, which is on the lower end of storage – 1l would be preferable in my opinion. A bigger bottle would also be great for the lighting side of things too.

If you’d like a FireWater Multi-Bottle for yourself, head on over to Seattle Sports Company’s website now.

I received the FireWater Multi-Bottle for free from Seattle Sports Company as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication – all thoughts and opinions (as always) are my own. 


One half of a Canadian/British couple currently based in New Brunswick, Canada. Gemma is happiest with a kayak/canoe paddle in her hand, on the trail or planning the next big adventure.

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