Outdoor Adventures

The outdoors is our happy place. On a lake, up a mountain, by the coast….it’s all pretty awesome to us. And of course, the further into the wilderness the better. We’re always looking for the next best backpacking or paddling trip in remote or less visited places. To see where we’ve already been, look below.

Our favourite adventures so far

Summiting Rake Mountain, Yukon
Paddling the Powell Forest Canoe Circuit, BC
Hiking to Cape Scott Lighthouse, BC
Exploring Desolation Sound, BC
Base camping in Cathedral Provincial Park, BC
Canoeing the Yukon River, Yukon
Snorkelling between continental plates, Iceland
Completing the 100 mile South Downs Way, UK
Kayaking with icebergs in Valdez, Alaska

Before arriving in Canada back in 2011, we didn’t know gaiters from giardia. It’s been a steep learning curve with many firsts over the years (first overnight hike! learning to snowboard!). Some lessons have been harder while others were definitely much more fun. Never would I have guessed five years ago that we would both selling climbing gear in an outdoor sports shop by day and planning week-long hiking and paddling trips by night. Our experience truly proves that outdoor adventure can be for everyone, you just need to embrace it!

The 10 Essentials for Exploring the Backcountry - views from Maple Pass hike, Washington

Whether you’re starting a week-long hike in the mountains or want to explore a 6km long trail near the highway, there are some essential items that you should carry.  These items can help prevent unexpected situations in the backcountry and also alleviate them when they do happen.