Selfie sticks, or camera extenders, are everywhere. Case in point, we were approached every few minutes by a different selfie stick seller while exploring the centre of Rome back in May. The salesmen were relentless, but it makes sense; it’s a great product that most people can make good use of. Selfie sticks allow everyone to be in the shot and also takes away the responsibility of a random stranger to take a good photo. Even better still, sticks can produce better action photos. Needless to say, the latter is pretty important to us since we spend so much time outside, enjoying all that wilderness can offer.

xshot pro with gopro

xshot pro apex snowboarding bc

built for adventure

The XShot Pro is a Go Pro pole (or camera extender) built for adventure. With its rubber grip and secure, adjustable wrist strap it seems like it would stand up to plenty of bashing around, something that will happen with us! The pole can fully extend to over 80cm from a closed length of just 17cm which makes it perfect for travelling and backpacking. Any items that we take on a hiking trip have to either be essential for safety, useful for comfort or very light/small. At a weight of 570g, the XShot Pro would not be the lightest item in our backpack, but it’s not heavy enough to exclude on that basis alone.

xshot pro packaging review

swapping mounts

Intended to be the most versatile camera extender for action cameras (GoPro and the like), the XShot Pro can also be used with standard compact digital cameras. Our GoPro died in Cuba last year (apparently 4 metres underwater was just too much) so we’ve been testing the XShot out with our regular Sony point-and-shoot. So while we couldn’t do anything dramatic since our camera is certainly not shock or waterproof, we still had fun.

There are two camera mounts included – GoPro and the universal tripod screw mount. It’s easy enough to swap over with the use of the enclosed Allen key, but to be honest I would probably not bother to do this while actually out and about. And besides, we will probably lose the actual Allen key!

apex mountain xshot pro

paddling okanagan lake november xshot pro

sold construction

Being that we’re just in between seasons right now, we haven’t been able to do a full test on the XShot but I think we had a fair go, with snowboarding and canoeing within the same few weeks. It’s proved pretty fun to play around with, especially as there is a metal ball head built-in, which allows 360 degree shots. Solid to the touch, the rugged construction has been reassuring though the aluminium (aircraft grade) has admittedly been a little cool to the touch being that it is December and all. I’m also not sure how this would hold up in the ocean for water sports.

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Find the XShot here : XShot Pro

Overall, it’s a pretty sweet camera extender with some great features for travellers and outdoor adventurers. If you’re looking for a camera selfie stick that is going to last, this is a solid choice.

Thanks XShot for the chance to review the XShot Pro! 

xshot pro snowboarding apex liftSnowboarding solo, the XShot enabled JR to take some photos of his adventures at Apex


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