May 31st, we moved to Penticton in British Columbia’s Okanagan region. Life has been pretty sweet here this summer. For one thing, it’s been hot. Like, 38c hot for weeks at a time. The heat is not only good for swimming, paddling and general summer life, but also for wine and fruit. This makes for quite a happy combination for a summer of fun. OK, I was working full time too, but I think we made the most of our spare time. It helps that we live less than three minutes away from the beach (see photo below).

The Okanagan has long been our dream location to live in purely for the summer weather. Looking back at these photos, it has lived up to our expectations and more.

penticton sign okanagan summer paragliding

penticton view from parasailing okanagan

beach road penticton summer

okanagan lake beach penticton

fruit picking oliver summer okanagan

cherry picking

vineyards see ya later ranch okanagan falls

winery 1775 patio view

red rooster winery naramata

osoyoos lake okanagan viewcampbell mountain hike pentictonchallenge penticton 2015grandfondo okanagan 2015peach festival penticton okanagan

Above three photos – Challenge Penticton (3.8km swim, 180km bike ride, 42.2km run), Granfondo Axel Merckx (160km bike race) and the Peach Festival parade

Living in a desert

Did I already mention that the southern Okanagan is basically a desert? Seriously! Complete with cacti, rattlesnakes and tumbleweed, it’s a very special area of Canada to be living in. There’s also a bear or two around as well!

Unfortunately, this dry climate also means the risk of summer fires is high. There hasn’t been much rain anywhere in BC this year and hundreds of wildfires have been burning all over the province and also in neighbouring Washington state. Just last weekend we drove past a fire close to the highway. In late August the smoke from the fires was so bad that visibility was reduced to just a few metres for a whole week. It was a very strange time!

oliver desert okanagan summerrattlesnake skaha bluffs pentictoncactus okanagan lake van hyce beach paddling

black bear apex mountainfires oliver summer 2015penticton smokegreen lake pentictonokanagan lake paddling van hyce beachtop of the rim trail cathedral bc

outdoor adventure

Before and after the smoke came in, we managed some pretty awesome adventures this summer. We free-camped on Okanagan Lake, hiked the Rim Trail in Cathedral Provincial Park and paddled a lot. Oh, and there was some climbing, parasailing and river tubing too, plus plenty of walking on the Trans Canada Trail close to our home.

Even better, some lovely family and friends visited us in our new place as well. All in all, a pretty great summer and we barely left our backyard!

vaseux lake canoeing okanagan fallschristina lake summer 2015 JRJR eugene penticton okanagan lakewalking the kvr penticton okanagan lakepenticton channel tubing summertubing on penticton channel summer okanaganpaddling okanagan lake canoewalking the kvr penticton tunnelparasailing penticton canada flag summer


One half of a Canadian/British couple currently based in British Columbia, Canada. Gemma is happiest with on the trail or planning the next big travel adventure.

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