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7 Last Minute Outdoor Gear Stocking Fillers

Less than seven days to Christmas (where did the time go?!) so here’s seven last minute stocking fillers. Again, as in my $30 or less gift post, there are likely to be very similar items at your local, independent outdoor store, so shop there if you can!

Stocking filler ideas

Last Minute Outdoor Gear Stocking Fillers-waterproof paper

Ultimate Survival Technologies Waterproof Paper Pad

Write in the rain, in the snow, on canoe trips, while backcountry skiing…anywhere, whatever the weather brings! There are also waterproof pens and pencils by various manufacturers available to buy.

Last Minute Outdoor Gear Stocking Fillers-waterproof stowaway

Plano Waterproof Stowaway Container

Protect your valuables on every adventure with this hard case. Sturdy and completely waterproof, it is also good for lures and flies on fishing trips.

Last Minute Outdoor Gear Stocking Fillers-nite ize gear ties

Nite Ize Rubber Twists

While they may seem inconsequential, these little gear ties are surprisingly useful. We’ve used them for tying gear to our backpacks, keeping items together, securing headlamps to the roof of our tent, cleaning up charger wires in the van….

Last Minute Outdoor Gear Stocking Fillers-candle lantern

Coghlans Candle Lantern

For car camping, we usually use our Coleman propane lamp, but this lantern and a tea candle would be a good (and much cheaper) alternative.

Last Minute Outdoor Gear Stocking Fillers-s-biner nite ize

Nite Ize S-Biner, 2-Pack

Another awesome product from Nite Ize, the S-Biner (like the Gear Ties) can be used in so many different ways. At this time of year it’s great to put the house keys on one side and the van key on the other…so I can start the van and then go back and lock the house while it’s warming up!

Last Minute Outdoor Gear Stocking Fillers-waterproof matches

Windproof and Waterproof Matches

An essential and very important part of a survival/backpacking kit is waterproof matches. Luckily they are also very low cost, so stock your friends up!

Last Minute Outdoor Gear Stocking Fillers-tekton tarp clips

TEKTON Tarp Clips, 4-Piece

Over the last year or so, we’ve built a lot of tarp shelters. These tarp clips provide instant anchor points without damaging the tarp material….and would definitely speed the building process up!

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