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Looking for some extra online exposure for your adventure travel business or outdoor gear manufacturer? Work with Off Track Travel to increase the online presence of your business with press trips, product reviews, social media promotion and advertising. We also offer affordable blog content writing services.

Engaged audience

Off Track Travel is an emerging outdoor adventure travel blog, appealing to active travellers looking for one-of-a-kind experiences in Canada, Europe and Oceania. Our Canadian working holiday guides are exceptionally popular amongst young European and Australian travellers looking for adventure in North America.

With an average of 10k monthly page views and around 2k social media followers, Off Track Travel can offer meaningful exposure for adventure travel companies. While the site experiences traffic from all around the world, the UK and Canada host a significant amount of our readership.

To discuss how we could work together or to request more information, please email gemma[at]

JR at the top of Rake Mountain Tombstone

Companies we’ve worked with, Iceland

Pangaea Adventures, Alaska

Wildcoast Adventures, British Columbia

Kluane Glacier Air Tours, Yukon

Myra Canyon Ranch and Adventure Park, British Columbia

Outdoor Gear Reviews

Dish Performance Denim

SunJack Portable Solar Charger

EarthEasy Scrubba Washbag

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kayaking around icebergs pangaea adventures

3 Responses to: Work with Us

  1. This post is really helpful for me because i run an adventure travel company named Bamba Experience, please have a look on my website.

  2. Lilija Stoeppler says:

    Hi, I am from Germany, having traveled to B.C., Canada regularly twice a year for the last 8 years (my son and family live here), I spent the second half of 2015 near Smithers, B.C., looking after my little grandchildren and socializing with the local people/friends. I still got a job in Berlin, Germany, but have signed up (with a renowned Canadian volunteer organization for a whole school year as a volunteer teacher assistant at one of the schools in Inuvik.
    This is my first time way up north (though long time ago I have visited for a few weeks with one of my sisters in Fort Resolution, NWT). Just curious, what kind of work are you thinking of, that I could contribute to?
    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you

    • Gemma Gemma says:

      Hi Lilija,

      Sounds like an exciting opportunity! This page is more about how Off Track Travel can work with brands and organisations regarding product reviews, sponsored posts etc. Saying that though, if you’d like to write about your experience in Inuvik you are more than welcome – we welcome guest posts :)

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