Road Trips

Find out about our worldwide road trips on these pages, whether you’re looking for inspiration or advice for your own trip, or you just want to browse! I’ll be writing posts on places we visited as well as practicalities of doing such a trip (buying a vehicle, wild camping advice, driving tips). You can navigate from the linked pages below, or use the horizontal menu above, with which you can specifically choose ‘places’ or ‘practicalities.’

New Zealand 2007/8 – I travelled around NZ my $400 car, driving about 10,000 km around both islands.

Europe 2011 – We spent three months driving from the UK to Turkey via 17 other countries, travelling and living in our homemade campervan

North and Central America 2013/14 – We hit the road April 13th 2014 for a five month road trip around British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska. The long term plan is to drive between each ocean (Pacific, Arctic, Atlantic) and reach the end of the road in Panama – we will be resuming this trip soon!

Sea to Sky Highway 1
Sea to Sky Highway between Vancouver and Whistler, Canada

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