Goodbye Vancouver Island…to the North we go!

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Goodbye Vancouver Island…to the North we go!

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After two and a half years on Vancouver Island, it is time for us to leave. Over the last month we’ve travelled 2700km, from the northern tip of this beautiful Island, and then to the west, east and south. Almost 3,000km and we haven’t even left the Island yet! Vancouver Island is an amazing place both to live and visit, but we’re been around and seen a lot here now. It’s time for new adventure across the water, though we wouldn’t rule out coming back one day. That day may be a long time away though, but you never know! Stranger things can happen, after all, we originally intended to live here for just one winter season.


Jean Robert’s highlights:

Caving in Horne Lake Caves and Upana Caves

Snowboarding at Mount Washington

Canoe paddle to Sandy Island, Comox Valley

Exploring Alert Bay, Port McNeill

Surfing the Pacific Ocean in Tofino

Shawnigan Lake canoeing

Gemma’s highlights:

Paddling the Main Lake Canoe Route on Quadra Island

A long weekend kayaking and wildlife watching at Orca Camp

Free camping around the Pye Lake and Stella Lake area

Completing the Sayward Canoe Circuit near Campbell River

Two weekends on Salt Spring Island


As much as I’m excited to reach the mainland, I’m still sad to leave friends and familar places; I honestly don’t think I will ever get used to saying goodbye so often to people. At least we have big adventures waiting for us to keep me busy from thinking about it. From Comox, we will be taking the ferry across to Powell River on the Sunshine Coast, an area we have never been to. From here, we’ll be doing our second canoe circuit, the Powell River Forest. It’s around 50km of paddling across eight lakes with 7km of portage. Not satisfied with just lakes, we’ll also be going for a five day paddle around Desolation Sound, to see waterfalls, fjords and mountain vistas. I’m a bit apprehensive about paddling on the ocean with our canoe on a trip like this (we usually just go for day trips) but it’ll certainly be a good challenge.

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If the weather’s good, we’ll take a trip over to Savary Island, before heading south to Vancouver. After Vancouver, it’s north all the way to Yukon! We have a hike planned near Squamish and then after that, we have nothing in mind. Neither of us have done much research on what is between Squamish and Whitehorse….so I guess we’ll just found out on the way! Let me know if you have any recommendations.

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4 Responses to: Goodbye Vancouver Island…to the North we go!

  1. Linda says:

    Looks like the start of a wonderful trip.
    Keep the pictures coming.
    Love to you both

  2. Jessica says:

    I had the pleasure of discovering Vancouver Island in May on an
    express visit to Victoria and Tofino, but I really loved what I saw !

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